Snorg Tees on DTG printing

Snorg Tees is one of the biggest names in online t-shirts, specializing in obscure nerd culture references and humor. While shirts are typically screen-printed, Snorg uses DTG technology to supplement their line with kids sizes and hoodies.

What influenced you to initially use Spreadshirt for printing on hoodies and kids sizes? Were other, similar sites ever considered?

We developed a positive relationship with the CEO of Spreadshirt at the time, and were able to work out a deal we were very happy with. We wanted to offer our customers our designs on hoodies and kids sizes, but not on t-shirts, in the Spreadshirt shop. They were able to accommodate that. We looked at other sites, but we liked the print method at Spreadshirt better than the others available at the time, outside of screen printing of course. Screen printing is always our preferred method when it’s possible.

How have you found the quality between DTG and screen-printing to compare?

We find the screen printing quality is highest, however DTG technology has gotten a lot closer. DTG has a few advantages… mainly that it can print smaller quantities, and it’s easier to print with lots of different colors. But, the color and overall wear of a screen print is still a bit better, which is why we use that for our adult tees.

Your use of real people as shirt models led to the surprise popularity of Alice, the Snorg Tees Girl. Do you credit that buzz with some of your success?

Absolutely. We were lucky to grow up down the street from her, and be friends with her and her family!

Prior to starting Snorg, were you a customer of other shirt sites? Which companies (if any) inspired you to start making your own shirts?

Nope! I had never bought a t-shirt online prior to doing research for our site. Kinda crazy huh? But, keep in mind, at the time there were far fewer t-shirt sites out there.

Has advertising been a big factor in your growth? What promotion advice would you give to beginners with limited budgets?

Of course it has helped get word of mouth going. I don’t want to give away much about our marketing strategy, but I’d just say make every dollar count!

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