Kaysha compares DTG sites

Kaysha is a musician and designer using DTG sites for his clothing line, Sushiraw. His work stands out with a strong message of African pride and use of bold slogans. As someone who has used several of the major DTG sites, he has great insights to share on the strengths and weaknesses of each.

As a musician, what inspired you to try your hand at creating t-shirts?

My point of view is that what I’m doing is an ecosystem where the creation (music, composing, writing, performing, directing videos, t-shirts, the record label) is totally interconnected. And we live in an era where all of this is possible. I’ve been waiting for this :)

I started doing this when I discovered Cafepress & Spreadshirt, it’s another mean for my artistic expression.

Having used several DTG sites, which has been your favorite? What did that site do that the competition couldn’t?

They all had their good and bad points. I really tested them all.

I first started with Cafepress but back then, the quality sucked.

Then came Spreadshirt. Better quality but sending those vector files was a pain and it was hard getting a file accepted. The most annoying thing of Spreadshirt was the fact that you needed to have a shop for Europe and another one for the US.

I then switched to MySoti which to me has the best quality and larger print area and is also cheaper for your customers with their AA style tees. But after a year they began to be victims of their success. It was damn too long to get the shirts. Customers need to be served 5 to 10 days max and sometimes they took 4 to 5 weeks to deliver.

Everything I uploaded to MySoti, I also sent to RedBubble and after testing them, I found that they were the more intelligent choice: Lots of colors for tees, great site, community, Facebook connect, simple and fast t-shirt building, png, print back or front, and they are faster to build and ship your stuff. What they would need now is a printer in the US and another one in Europe and they would nail it…

The dream site would be a mix between MySoti’s quality and RedBubble. I’ve seen RB shirts get better and better and their support is great.

Which of your designs has been the most popular? What do you think has made that shirt such a success?

I got 2 : “2010 be yourself” I think because of the message and “I lick pussy” very popular among lesbians… Ah well :)

Have you considered using screenprinting instead of on-demand DTG for any of your designs? Why or why not?

I’ve been wandering around and asked but the price is too heavy. I’d use that if I wanted to be in real stores. DTG is perfect for on demand, and when the techniques mature, it will just be all I need.

Where do you see your Sushiraw clothing line headed in the future?

I see that I have a lot of success with countries/flag tees so I’ll add the rest of the world’s countries and people love my tees with messages, so I will make a lot of them. Will be more graphic too with some new collections.

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