Jerkass Clothing and selling humor

While a lot of internet shirt companies aim for sarcasm and puns, Jerkass Clothing has been doing it better and longer than most. They’ve also set themselves apart from the crowd by partnering with National Lampoon and capitalizing on regional humor with Milwaukee Tees.

What were you doing before you started the site for Jerkass Clothing? What led you to become interested in selling shirts online?

Before I got into the t-shirt game I traveled across South America and the Dakotas as a professional tap dancer. Selling crappy shirts online was the logical next step in my career path.

Has Jerkass always used Spreadshirt, or have you considered other printing options like screenprinting or another POD site? What made Spreadshirt the right choice for you?

We began by screenprinting our own shirts. But that was a lot of work. Spreadshirt makes our lives much easier and their quality can’t be beat. (Hey Spreadshirt, did you just read that amazing testimonial? How about I get a holiday ham or something next year?)

Of all the shirts in your catalog, which is the most popular? Can you tell me a bit about what went into creating it?

I can tell you that I have many designs that I’ve never sold any of. But am I going to take them down? Nope.

What has your experience been like in using an affiliate program to help sell tees? How would you compare that to traditional advertising in terms of effectiveness?

Affiliate programs are a decent way to expose your brand to new audiences, but don’t expect a lot. I’m a huge fan of the Facebook ad platform. For my money there is nothing better. For example, you can target single 75-year old women from Pensacola, Florida who like grilled cheese sandwiches. Which is great, because these cheese-eating grannies are my key demographic.

What do you view as the single most important element in your success?


If you could give advice to beginners interested in creating POD stores, what would you tell them?

Find your niche. Because the barrier to entry is so minimal, there are hundreds of POD stores online. You can’t be everything to everybody. But if you find a style that resonates, people will wear your shirts and so will their friends. And then the money will start pouring in and you can drive a 2001 Dodge Intrepid like me.

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  1. Charles says:

    Does Jerkass use Spreadshirts Direct to Garment printing or Flex and Flock printing techniques?

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