Society6 Quality Review

Society6 is aiming its services squarely at artists, focusing primarily on art prints. They are structured to help artists grow and maintain fan bases, as creators can use “studios” to publish work to the site, and fans are able to Follow those studios and promote designs by clicking a button (this gives the piece more visibility on the site, attracting more views).

While currently small compared to other DTG sites, Society6 has retail partnerships with Threadless and Urban Outfitters that bode well for their future.

The uploading system is a bit hard to get used to for people accustomed to using other sites. First, you have to upload artwork for a print. Once that is up, you’re taken to a new page with other product options, including the t-shirt option that this review will focus on.

I was very impressed with the mock shown on their site- it’s realistic, and gives the buyer a great sense of how each design will look on each shirt color:

From ordering to arriving at my door, it took about five days. Impressively fast!

The bag was plain, but serviceable. Inside, the shirt was folded neatly with a receipt. I’ll admit to be a bit disappointed that there weren’t any extras like a sticker or even a business card- it just seems like a missed opportunity to show off some of the other services they offer.

I opted to have the design printed on Natural rather than White this time, which may account for some of the lack of boldness in the color. Over all the look is a bit faded, but I’m very happy with the print. The detail is among the best I’ve seen, and while light the color feels realistic. To me, the most impressive thing about this print is how close it is to the mock Society6 provided- it’s nearly dead on. Great to see, and that gives me more confidence to buy other shirts through them in the future.

Like their competitor Skreened, Society6 doesn’t print a white underbase. This means they don’t print at all on shirts above a certain darkness, and that the medium-dark shirts they do print on will have darker graphics. I found Society6’s mocks to be highly accurate in indicating how visible a print will be on their darker shirts.

Society6’s strength is in their partnerships- unless your designs are accepted into a Threadless or Urban Outfitters partner store, you’re unlikely to sell many units. But, if you’d like to promote yourself as an artist and offer high quality products featuring your work, they can be an excellent choice. Options like American Apparel triblends as a shirt printing option and the availability of iPod and laptop skins give the site a unique edge.

Shirt options:
American Apparel Natural starting at $22
American Apparel Heather Grey (triblend) starting at $22
American Apparel Light Blue starting at $22
American Apparel Lemon starting at $22
American Apparel White starting at $22
American Apparel Grass starting at $22
American Apparel Pomegranate starting at $22
American Apparel Athletic Blue (triblend) starting at $22

Other product options:
Art prints, stretched canvas, laptop skins, iPod and iPhone skins

You can organize products under different Studios, but have little control otherwise (even price is locked down).

The site makes it easy for people to start following your work by becoming Fans.


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