Skreened Quality Review

Marketing themselves as the most ethical choice for DTG, Skreened only prints on sweatshop-free apparel, commits themselves to recycling and minimal packaging, and gives 10% of profits to projects on Kiva. While the site’s emphasis is on doing good and the environment, the range of designs they print aren’t pigeonholed into that theme.

Unlike other DTG sites, Skreened does not currently print white ink. This means that you’ll need to be very wary of darker shirt colors, and that when you upload images you should use white for non-printing areas instead of transparency.

I sent two files for printing at Skreened, one solid-colored illustration of a dinosaur skull and one full color photograph of leaves. Here’s what those files looked like on Skreened’s site when ordering:

After making an order on a Monday night, it arrived on Friday- the quickest turnaround time of any of the sites I tested! Here’s how it shipped:

The shipping bags are great, really capitalizing on Skreened’s eco-friendliness. It’s also a nice introduction to the company.

Inside the package are the two ordered shirts, a receipt and a postcard-sized insert that tells a bit more about the company.

The dino skull illustration printed great- Skreened got the placement exactly right, and it’s sized nice and large on the tee. I’m definitely enjoying the striped shirt, which is an option most DTG sites don’t offer.

Unfortunately, the photographic print was much less successful. While the size and placement were perfect, the colors were drastically different than intended. I’ve inset the original file sent in the upper left corner to show the difference. As you can see, the shirt printed much more green than expected, and with substantial loss of detail.

Since I was unhappy with the print, I contacted Skreened’s Customer Service and explained the issue. I had an answer the next business day, an email that included a postage-paid label to return the defective print. About a week after I sent that copy back, I had a new tee in hand. Here’s what I received:

I’m definitely happy with the replacement copy- it shows that they really looked at the problem and corrected for it. The print is still less sharp than some other copies I’ve received, but otherwise very well-done.

Overall, I really like what Skreened is attempting- I think there’s a lot to be said for taking an environmentally friendly approach, and that carries through their site and packaging well. I’d recommend them for one color prints and solid color illustrations, but when it comes to printing on dark shirts or printing tricky photography, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere. Great customer service, should you need to use it.

Shirt options:
Men’s fitted AA tee (10 colors) starting at $16.99
Men’s organic AA tee (5 colors) starting at $17.99
Men’s athletic AA tee (3 colors) starting at $19.99
Men’s ringer AA tee (5 colors) starting at $17.99
Baby AA one piece (6 colors) starting at $15.99
Unisex AA long sleeve tee (4 colors) starting at $21.99
Mens AA baseball tee (3 colors) starting at $21.99
Unisex AA hoodie (3 colors) starting at $36.99
Women’s organic AA tee (5 colors) starting at $17.99
Women’s fitted AA tee (10 colors) starting at $16.99
Women’s athletic AA tee (2 colors) starting at $19.99
Women’s ringer AA tee (4 colors) starting at $17.99
Kids AA tee (5 colors) starting at $15.99

Other product options:
Tote bags.


Users can comment on each other’s designs, but that’s about it.


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