MySoti Quality Review

MySoti stands for Make Your Stuff On The Internet, and is another site that targets artists as their customer base. They also offer a truly unique opportunity for some lucky artists- some designs from MySoti are chosen to appear in PlayStation Home, where artists can earn 10% of any virtual sales.

Upload either a SVG or PNG file and you’ll be shown a photograph of a t-shirt with a dotted box and your image. You can resize and reposition your image as you want and choose shirt type and color. When you have a combination you like, click Make Print (this can be done 8 times per design, for eight total options).

I sent two files for printing at MySoti, one solid-colored illustration of a dinosaur skull and one full color photograph of leaves. Here’s what those files looked like on MySoti’s site when ordering:

It took just over a month from the time I ordered until I received the shirts (by far the longest delay of any of the sites I tested). Here’s what arrived:

The packaging is bland, with no logos, extras, or areas of interest, so let’s move on to what’s inside:

The shirts are neatly folded inside, accompanied by a paper receipt that gives all the details and says Thank You.

Overall, the dinosaur print is nicely done. Placement and size are both perfect, and the print is sharp and precise.

That said, there are some minor flaws. As you can see in the image below, there are some small areas that the ink didn’t cover:

The flaw is that small set of two green lines on the left. For me, it’s not a deal-breaker, and strikes me as the kind of wear that might occur in the normal wearing of the shirt. I’m not sure anyone would notice it unless it was pointed out, though it is visible at normal conversational distances.

The photographic bird print, though, is pretty close to perfect. It’s nice and big, and has an impressive amount of detail. While the color is slightly off (my original had more yellow and green tones), it looks great and is well within the range of good prints. I was really impressed with this one.

While the long wait times are a bummer, MySoti delivers a high-quality product at a great price. Their easy-to-use product creation system makes them worth a try by folks who are currently using other DTG sites.

Shirt options:
Mens shirts (11 colors) start at $14.99 on Alstyle, $18.49 on American Apparel
Womens shirts (10 colors) start at $14.99 on Bella, $18.49 on American Apparel
Kids shirts (9 colors) start at $14.99 on Hanes
Onesies (6 colors) start at $17.49 on Bella

Other product options:
A4 Poster, A4 Canvas. (Custom interior design products rumored to be coming soon)

Custom Partner Stores are currently being beta tested. Stay tuned!

Users can vote positively or negatively on designs and leave comments. Currently, there isn’t much visible community movement, but designs that other members vote for will appear on the front page as Most Wanted, helping to drive sales.

More MySoti images
Thanks to Olechka for these photos! (Click any photo for a larger view)


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